TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.

Fantastic engineering summer program for high school students held at premier universities.


Our Engineering Summer Camp Students and Parents Say...


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About TryEngineering's Engineering Camp

Our Engineering Summer Camp Goal

The goal of our 2024 engineering camp is to spark enthusiasm in engineering and technology in the next generation of problem-solvers and difference-makers, and position these innovators for long-term success in academics and in life.

How do we do it?

Organized in nine day sessions each summer, on university campuses across the USA, the IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute unites students from around the world -- co-ed, between 13-17 years old -- to:

  • engage in hands-on design challenges
  • experience the work firsthand with behind-the-scenes tours with real-life engineers
  • discover not just what's happening today, but what's coming tomorrow, through conversations with renowned guest speakers and incredible Summer Institute counselors
  • create a future of possibility that is fully realized and present for each and every student
  • build skills and conceptual knowledge through hands-on work doing design challenges and classwork building and creating projects of increasing difficulty
  • each student is issued a program-owned laptop for each student to use for the duration of the program at a 1:1 ratio

Give us nine days at our engineering summer camp, and we'll give you a new definition of what it means to be an engineer.

This program was one of the best things we have ever put our son in and words can not do justice for the amount of knowledge, confidence, and friendships he gained. -2022 parent

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2024 Engineering Camp Students Leave With...

  • A better understanding of how engineers can solve problems and make a difference
  • Knowledge of engineering degree and career options
  • Improved critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills
  • New friends with similar interests
  • An unforgettable campus living experience

Opportunities Ahead...

At this engineering camp for high school students, you’ll explore various engineering fields, such as electrical, civil, mechanical, and aerospace. Our engineering summer programs allow for you to meet and work along side real life professional engineers, which can be a rewarding experience not found at other engineering camps.

You will also be able to experience first hand VIP tours of engineering companies and engineering centers. Not only will you be able to learn more about the fundamentals of engineering but you will be able to see them live at work. This summer is your opportunity to learn new skills within the engineering field and participate in engineering projects that will not only help you in your academic future but help you solve real-world problems.

Give us nine days at one of our amazing engineering camp for high school students at our locations, Philadelphia, Houston, or San Diego. You will have an unforgettable experience, and learn what it is like to be a real life engineer. There may be other engineering camps out there, but no engineering camp is quite like the TryEngineering Summer Institute.

If you want to learn more about all the different fields of engineering, be sure to check out all of our engineering articles below which will help you get a feel of each different subset we have to offer:

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