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Basic Electricity & Magnetism: “But it’s the Law, Doktor Ohm!”

Teach your students the basics of electricity and magnetism with the IEEE TryEngineering lesson plan, “Basic Electricity & Magnetism: “But it’s the Law, Doktor Ohm!”. This is a simple activity great for kids ages 8 – 18. Learn more today about our high school engineering camps here.

Lesson Focus

This lesson focuses on the basics of electricity and magnetism. It begins by outlining the work of some of the early experimenters and the sequence which eventually led to the realization of how a changeable electromagnetic field could be harnessed to other purposes. From there the lesson goes on to demonstrate how electric currents, magnetic fields and electrostatic fields are so closely related.  A series of simple hands-on activities are provided at the end of the lesson. The lesson ends with a section in which the students are invited to discuss with the teacher, various ways in which they think these demonstrations could be improved.