TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.


A Day In The Life of a TESI Student!


With the school year coming to a close and summer beginning, it is almost time for the TryEngineering Summer Institute! If you are still considering registering your teen, but aren’t sure what to expect, below is a sample schedule that will give you a preview of what students can expect on an average day at one of our camps!

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM – Breakfast/Student Drop Off
Residential students kick off their day with a hearty breakfast to fuel their engineering adventures, and Day/Non-Residential students will be dropped off between 8:45 AM – 9 AM.

9:00 AM – Morning Meeting
Students and instructors will gather together for a morning meeting to plan the day’s activities, review projects, and address any questions the students may have.

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Hands-On Engineering Projects
Dive into the core of our program: hands-on projects. These projects will explore electrical, mechanical, civil, and aeronautic engineering. No lengthy lectures – just practical learning!

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM – Lunch
Enjoy healthy hot meals in the University’s Dining Hall, with vegetarian options available.

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM – More Hands-On Engineering
Continue with engineering projects, or embark on an off-campus field trip! Each day will provide students ample time to work on their group projects for the competition on the last day.

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Free Recreational Time/Student Pick-Up
Day/Non-Residential students will be picked up between 4 PM – 4:30 PM, but Residential students can use this time to get to know their fellow campers and explore the University campus, and its many recreational offerings.

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM – Dinner
Residential students will gather for a delicious dinner!

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM – Evening Events
Residential students can unwind, have fun with their peers, and participate in planned activities and events like movies, challenges, or karaoke!

9:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Free Time
In the residence halls, students can socialize, relax, watch movies, and play games!

11:00 PM – In Rooms
Wind down, and rest up for another exciting day of engineering adventures!

Don’t wait to register your teen for the experience of a lifetime! Registration for the 2024 TryEngineering Summer Institute program is now open – few spots are left!

Hear from a Former Graduate of the IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute!

IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute (TESI)was able to meet with the mother of student Carl C., a former TESI student! Here is what she had to say about her son’s experience at the Summer Institute, and what he had accomplished in the following 4 years.

What is Carl up to now?

Carl is a senior at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX studying mechanical engineering. He did an internship at Uren

co USA, a nucle

ar energy company in Hobbs, New Mexico last summer. He currently has a job offer to work for Texas

Instruments in Dallas after graduation. He’s also busy restoring a 30-year-old vehicle in his spare time.

Why did you choose to register in our program initially? 

The program had good reviews but most importantly I wanted  our son to experience life away at a university campus with exposure to various engineering disciplines. Our hope was for him to see what he liked and disliked about going away and to reconfirm his interest in studying engineering. The overnight dorm style life with a roommate, field trips, group projects and lectures was a way for him to get a taste of college life with like-minded high school students. The program was geared to not only an academic approach to engineering, but to give real world applications and solutions to everyday issues. It tested problem solving skills from understanding the problem, drafting an approach and managing the solution.    

After camp, did you notice any breakthroughs your child may have had as a result of attending our program, academically, socially or in any other way? 

I think he realized that he could survive living away from home. His confidence grew and he matured. He realized that if he continued to work hard that could get into a great engineering program. I think it also helped him during his college visits to look for specific course programs, facilities and teaching approaches.   

In the 4 years since attending our program, can you see where our program has had any impact on his life? 

Carl is definitely a very methodical person. Always looking for ways to solve issues. He’s a stronger person believing that he can succeed. He came home from camp with a very positive attitude and was hard working and very disciplined.  

What is your student up to these days?  Does it relate to their work in our program? 

Carl is a senior mechanical engineer attending Texas Tech University expected to graduate next summer.

Did attending our program alter the course of your student’s life in any way? 

Carl found his path and continued following his interest in mechanical engineering. He did not give up even with the lock down and switch to on-line classes that Covid brought.

As you can see, Carl’s experience at the TryEngineering Summer Institute proved to be beneficial, and propelled him on his journey to success! If you would like your child to benefit from similar opportunities and guidance, enroll them in the Summer Institute today — registration is now open!

Why Girls Should Go to a Summer Engineering Camp


When investigating summer camp options for your daughter, it’s important to consider and encourage her interests, especially if she shows an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

An engineering summer camp is the ideal environment for nurturing your daughter’s interest in STEM. An engineering summer camp like the TryEngineering Summer Institute will provide opportunities to participate in hands-on design challenges, meet real-life engineers, and visit engineering workplaces to see what it would really be like to work in the field of engineering.

1. Because they can! The stereotype that girls aren’t interested in STEM is just that, a stereotype. Girls need to be exposed to engineering early on so they can make informed decisions when choosing their career paths. Early exposure to engineering and STEM can also boost confidence, and help shape them into leaders!


2. Because engineering needs more women. According to the United States Census, in 1970, 8% of the STEM workforce consisted of women. As of 2019, that number has only increased to a mere 27%. Despite now making up nearly half of the overall United States workforce, women are still vastly underrepresented in the STEM workforce.

3. Because engineering provides diverse career opportunities. The field of engineering includes several different disciplines, like mechanical, electrical, and software, just to name a few. Engineering summer camps like the TryEngineering Summer Institute offer a look into several different engineering career paths!

4. Because the next big thing could be made by a girl! New technologies are developed every day, but if only one group of people is responsible for creating solutions and innovations, those technologies may not be the best they can be. That is why diversity in the field of engineering is so important.


Don’t wait to encourage your daughter to pursue her engineering dreams! Registration for the 2024 TryEngineering Summer Institute program is now open. Learn more and enroll today!

10 Things You Might Find at the IEEE TryEngineering Summer Institute

The TryEngineering Summer Institute is an inspiration in so many ways, helping students find their calling in the wonderful world of engineering. From design challenges to dorm living, students will experience life on a college campus, get their feet wet in a promising field, and meet new friends who care about the same things they do!


For a glimpse of what you or your teen will experience this summer, check out these ten things you might find at one of our locations, and register today — space is limited!


10: Hands-on engineering lessons.
Getting hands on with a project is the best way to learn!


9: Supportive fellow students.
Students will meet like-minded peers, and will work together and push each other to succeed!


8: Experience on a college campus. A glimpse of what college life will look like after highschool!


7: Superb story tellers. Each campus will feature guest speakers from the world of engineering, who will inspire students and give insight to the field!

engineering camp at USD exploring

6: Leadership experience.
Students will work in small groups, and will assign leadership roles to each person.


5: Sunny outings.
Students will have a chance to participate in off campus outings to explore the surrounding area.


4: Time out for recreational activities.
Students will have access to on-campus facilities during their downtime, and can participate in sports and other activities!


3: Photo-worthy field trips.

Students will attend exclusive field trips to top engineering companies and centers, for a glimpse at what their future could look like.


2: Lifelong friendships.

Many past students are still in contact with their peers through social media. Some have even returned as staff years later! 


1: The experience of a lifetime.
Students will have the experience of a lifetime as they forge friendships, participate in hands-on projects, and learn from industry experts.




How Engineering Education Sets You Up for Any Career

Engineering students will learn about engineering, of course. But they also gain skills that become transferable to a host of other careers – some that may not even utilize the direct application of engineering principles!

An education in engineering teaches core skills that are highly employable across many different industries and professions. Therefore, employers are consistently interested in recruiting graduates of engineering programs.

When you explore or expand your education in engineering at the TryEngineering Summer Institute, you’ll be well on your way to developing these employable skills:

  • Effective communication. By learning to present ideas in a confident, professional manner, engineering programs like the Institute prepare you for future communications with colleagues, bosses and the community.
  • Competence in application and practice. As an engineering student, you’ll learn how to properly utilize engineering techniques, as well as relevant tools and programs.
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills. One of the most highly transferable employment skills you’ll develop is the ability to function effectively within a team and as a leader.
  • Problem solving skills. You’ll learn to identify problems, use logic and reasoning to identify solutions, and use objectivity when approaching implementation of solutions.
  • Understanding professional, social and ethical responsibilities. As a professional in any field, commitment to these principles is key.
  • Lifelong learning. Engineering students are taught the importance of lifelong learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills to benefit your career.

Don’t wait to develop these skills. Registration for the 2024 TryEngineering Summer Institute program is now open. Learn more and enroll today!