TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.

TryEngineering at Rice University


TryEngineering Summer Institute

The goal of our engineering camp is to spark enthusiasm in engineering and technology in the next generation of problem-solvers and difference-makers, and position these innovators for long-term success in academics and in life.

2024 Engineering Summer Program Dates:    

Session 1: June 30, 2024 - July 8, 2024 (Sold Out!)

Session 2: July 11, 2024 - July 19, 2024 (Sold Out!)

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Learn about our Engineering Summer Program

Is your teenager curious about the world of engineering? Spark their passion for innovation at our action-packed engineering camp! If your teen is curious about how things work, loves solving problems, and has a head full of creative ideas, then our engineering summer camp is the perfect summer adventure for them.

Designed for students ages 13-17, this immersive program goes beyond textbooks and classrooms, offering a glimpse into the exciting and diverse world of engineering. Through hands-on projects, interactive workshops, and industry tours, your teenager will get real-life experience, explore different engineering fields, and meet inspiring professionals shaping the future

Our engineering camp for high school students isn't just about learning; it's about sparking lifelong passions, building valuable skills, and fostering a spirit of innovation. Let your teenager experience the thrill of engineering firsthand and watch their potential take flight!

Take a quick look at some of our engineering summer program modules and projects, then look at our full program curriculum to see if this is right for you

Electrical Engineering

 If you're curious about the science of how electricity works, our summer engineering camp's electrical engineering module is calling your name!

This module will transform you from a curious observer to an inventor. Build circuits with colorful LEDs and resistors, master the art of soldering like a pro, and you will even get to create your own mini AM radio!

This module is designed to spark your curiosity, build technical skills, and empower you to become an inventor, not just a learner.

Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever been curious about how robots work? Do you imagine building amazing machines with your own hands? If so, our summer camp's mechanical engineering module is designed just for you!

With this module you will construct your very own robot arm. This isn't just about building; it's about unleashing your creativity, understanding the science behind the mechanical engineering.

Then, put your newfound knowledge to the test in the thrilling Dice Stacking Showdown. Collaborate with your team, apply your engineering skills strategically, and build the tallest tower possible, using only dice.

Aerospace Engineering

Our aerospace engineering module allows curious explorers delve into the science behind flight. Analyze the impact of different materials, shapes, and structures on aircraft design. You will discover how each element works together to allow for flight.

Learn design concepts and testing methods through hands-on projects, all while collaborating with your team and having some friendly competition. Unleash your creativity and problem-solving skills as you work to build a glider that can travel the furthest while carrying a shoebox.  This is your chance to discover the real world of aerospace engineering and see your ideas take flight!

Civil Engineering

Ready to unleash your inner architect and build awesome projects? Join our thrilling civil engineering summer camp module for a challenge that will ignite your curiosity.

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of bridge design. Learn how they handle massive loads and connect communities, then put your knowledge to the test! You will work with other students to build bridges of all shapes and sizes, and experiment with different materials. The team who is able to build the best bridge will win a pizza party!

Explore our Full Engineering Summer Program

If you want to explore the full engineering summer program curriculum and learn more about every module, every challenge, and every skill you will acquire this summer click the button below. The TryEngineering Summer Institute is more than what we listed above to make sure to take a lot at everything we have to offer!

Curriculum Overview

Our Campus at Rice University

Located on a beautiful 300-acre campus in Houston, Texas, Rice University offers an unparalleled opportunity for teens to attend engineering camps for high school students in Texas. Ranked among the nation's best engineering schools, Rice boasts a rich academic tradition and fosters a culture of ground-breaking research in areas like robotics, space exploration, and sustainable energy. Learn more about the campus at Rice University, the dorms, and the field trips for our summer engineering program students.

The Campus


On Rice University's campus, and you'll be greeted by a unique blend of history and innovation. Founded in 1912, the campus boasts a distinctive architectural style. Beyond the building and books on Rice's campus you will find lush greenery.

Stroll through the tranquil Lynn R. Lowrey Arboretum, home to over 4,000 trees and take a quiet moment for your self where you can immerse yourself in the university's rich horticultural heritage.

Take a walk through this historic campus, where a passion for learning and discovery thrives alongside natural beauty and vibrant energy.


The Dorms

Call one of Rice University's vibrant residence halls your home during our summer engineering camp. You can relax in one of the spacious lounges, catch up with your new friends in a common area, and enjoy all the amenities Rice students utilize throughout the year. Get ready to feel like a true Rice Owl this summer while you push your engineering aspirations forward. You will get the chance to learn at the remarkable OEDK, the Rice Engineering Department's premier venue. Join us and discover the perfect blend of learning, living, and campus life!

The Field Trips

Our engineering summer camp isn't just limited to the classroom at Rice University, we also take exciting field trips that will allow you to experience some truly remarkable places. In past years we have taken engineering summer program students to the NASA Johnson Space Center. Located in Houston, this legendary facility has been at the heart of America's human spaceflight endeavors, and this summer, you may get exclusive access led by a true space veteran.

Students may have the opportunity to go on a guided tour by a retired Apollo propulsion engineer, one of the very minds who helped astronauts reach the moon! You will get the chance to see Mission Control, the iconic center of countless aerospace missions.  Witness a place where astronauts train, within the Space Vehicle Mock-up Facility, and stand in awe before the towering Saturn V moon rocket in Rocket Park.

Still Not Sure if Our Engineering Camp is Right for You?

Our camp is more than just a summer program, it's a launchpad for their future. In just nine days, they'll discover the real-world impact of engineering, from tackling complex challenges to creating innovative solutions. We'll equip them with the skills and enthusiasm to excel in academics, prepare them for exciting career paths, and empower them to become the problem-solvers and difference-makers of tomorrow. All while they build confidence, developing critical skills, and forge lifelong friendships with like-minded peers who share their excitement.

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Ready to Have the Summer of a Lifetime

If you think the TryEngineering Summer institute is right for you then what are you waiting for?! If building robots, 3D printing, and shaping the future sounds exciting, what are you waiting for? Spots at our engineering camp are in high-demand and registrations fill up fast – last year, we had more than one location sell out before summer began! Set your child on a path to endless possibilities. Register now and join the TryEngineering Summer Institute adventure!

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Learn About Rice Summer Camps

TESI Students building robot at engineering school

If you are spending the summer in Houston Texas there is no better way to further your education while also enjoying the season than being at a Rice University Summer camp. A university with such a proud tradition rooted in education is the perfect place to continuing learning outside of the school year. You can learn more about all the Rice University summer camps here, but of course we recommend you take a deep look at our 2024 engineering summer camp at Rice University.

There isn't a better overnight summer camp at Rice University than our engineer camp. Further your education and find a love for the field of engineer with us this summer!

2024 Camp Dates & Locations

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Session 1: July 14, 2024 - July 22, 2024

Session 2: July 25, 2024 - August 2, 2024

San Diego, California

Session 1: June 30, 2024 - July 8, 2024

Session 2: July 11, 2024 - July 19, 2024