TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.


Some quotes from camp this summer!

TryEngineering programs are in full swing!

Want to hear what our parents and kids have to say?  Here’s a doubleshot of quotes from 3 parents and 3 students from our UCR location:

3 Parent Quotes:
Damien had a terrific time there.  i can’t stress enough what a blessing that was for him.  Suzane was amazing and your staff there was so good to him.  It really boosted his confidence.  Now he is actually excited about engineering and looking forward to going to college!

My son, Alex  had an amazing time at the UC Riverside TryEngineering Camp.We spoke often, and each time his voice rang with enthusiasm and pride.  Thank you so much for offering him access to this camp, he came home motivated, proud and even more certain a career in engineering is his goal.

On another note, Suzane and the RAs were phenomenal!  Mia was a little homesick at first but the counselors were very supportive and kind.  They helped Mia with their encouragement and friendship.  This allowed Mia to blossom and experience all the new learning opportunities at the camp!


3 Student quotes:
I personally very much enjoyed this camp! We completed many interesting projects and did very fun activities. The counselors were nice and fun and easy to talk to, and the other students were very easy to work with.

The TryEngineering Summer camp was a unique educational experience. My favorite aspects of the summer program was collaborating and learning from industry leaders and college students. The activities after our classes were always entertaining and I formed strong bonds with my campmates very quickly.

I liked it a lot. There were many fun hands on activities. The projects were very unique, very different than what we do at school.