TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.


Why Girls Should Go to a Summer Engineering Camp


When investigating summer camp options for your daughter, it’s important to consider and encourage her interests, especially if she shows an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

An engineering summer camp is the ideal environment for nurturing your daughter’s interest in STEM. An engineering summer camp like the TryEngineering Summer Institute will provide opportunities to participate in hands-on design challenges, meet real-life engineers, and visit engineering workplaces to see what it would really be like to work in the field of engineering.

1. Because they can! The stereotype that girls aren’t interested in STEM is just that, a stereotype. Girls need to be exposed to engineering early on so they can make informed decisions when choosing their career paths. Early exposure to engineering and STEM can also boost confidence, and help shape them into leaders!


2. Because engineering needs more women. According to the United States Census, in 1970, 8% of the STEM workforce consisted of women. As of 2019, that number has only increased to a mere 27%. Despite now making up nearly half of the overall United States workforce, women are still vastly underrepresented in the STEM workforce.

3. Because engineering provides diverse career opportunities. The field of engineering includes several different disciplines, like mechanical, electrical, and software, just to name a few. Engineering summer camps like the TryEngineering Summer Institute offer a look into several different engineering career paths!

4. Because the next big thing could be made by a girl! New technologies are developed every day, but if only one group of people is responsible for creating solutions and innovations, those technologies may not be the best they can be. That is why diversity in the field of engineering is so important.


Don’t wait to encourage your daughter to pursue her engineering dreams! Registration for the 2024 TryEngineering Summer Institute program is now open. Learn more and enroll today!