TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.

Personal Growth And Development

Invent Yourself. Discover Your Power In:

Collaboration and Teamwork

For our Sparking Solutions Challenge, students must discover and develop skills in collaboration and teamwork. They work together each day, building towards the final presentation. The only way this works is when they work together! Since the kids are unknown to each other bound by the same interests and goals, they have an easier time making friends. Working together, in small groups, allows students to really connect, bond, and begin to know themselves as the kind of person who can lead a team.

Step into the exhilarating world of the TryEngineering Summer Institute's Sparking Solutions Challenge, where collaboration and teamwork are not just components of a competition; they're the essence of a transformative experience.

Strangers at the outset, students become cohorts bound by a common purpose. This unity isn't just a byproduct; it's the very heartbeat that propels the competition forward. The synergy of collaboration becomes the force that not only sparks solutions but forges unbreakable bonds.

Navigating the challenge, students transition from being unknown entities to forging unforgettable connections. Bound by the same interests and goals, they find a shared language that transcends the competition. The camaraderie that evolves in this crucible of creativity isn't confined to the task at hand—it spills over into the realm of friendship, making the process of making friends a seamless and natural part of the journey.

Step Into A New Future, Now.

At the heart of the TryEngineering Summer Institute lies a competition that's more than just a challenge—it's a transformative experience in collaboration and teamwork.

1. Continuous Collaboration:
Picture this: students immersed in a seamless collaboration from start to finish. Throughout the entire session, they engage in a collective journey, crafting solutions, and building towards the ultimate presentation. It's not just about teamwork; it's a continuous expansion of who they know themselves to be, and what they are capable of. Students will discover their voice; they will become leaders, and they will not recognize themselves from the student who showed up the first day. that defines the essence of their experience.

2. Leadership and Confidence:
These students will have to come together into a group, assigning leadership roles to each person, and supporting hte expansion of the confidence of each member of the team; confidence through practice. Strangers at the outset, these students are bound by common interests and shared goals. This unity not only fuels the competition but also makes forging connections and friendships an effortless and natural part of the experience.

3. Small Groups, Big Bonds:
Within the framework of our competition, small groups become more than just collaborative units—they are catalysts for genuine connections. Working side by side, students don't just collaborate; they bond, forming connections that extend beyond the competition. It's in these small groups that friendships are forged, and a sense of camaraderie takes root.

4. Self-Discovery through Leadership:
As the collaborative journey unfolds, students discover facets of themselves that transcend the technical. It's not just about working in a team; it's about knowing oneself as a leader. The collaborative setting becomes a crucible for self-discovery, where students realize their potential to not only work effectively within a team but also to lead one. The fact that they discover this for themselves is a transformative experience that lasts a lifetime.

The TryEngineering Summer Institute's competition isn't merely a test of skills; it's a dynamic platform where collaboration is not just a means to an end—it's an integral part of personal growth, friendship, and self-discovery. Get ready to unlock the power of teamwork, form lifelong connections, and emerge as a leader in your own right!

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