TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.


5 Ways Your Teen Benefits from TryEngineering Summer Institute

Although we tend to focus on the very important engineering and technology education and on-campus living experience that TryEngineering Summer Institute students receive, our program is about so much more! It’s also about the deep personal growth students experience and take with them into the future.

Students who attend TryEngineering Summer Institute:

  • Engineering Summer Camp Jobs at TryEngineering Summer InstituteGrow more independent: While well-supervised during their time away from home, teens at TryEngineering Summer Institute also practice making decisions for themselves. Having the ability to manage their daily choices in a safe environment helps them blossom in new ways.
  • Practice compromise: Living with someone new in a dorm room and with an entirely new community in the residence halls gives students the opportunity to meet people with different points of view and life experiences. This creates opportunities for students to practice compromise and grow in their interactions with others.
  • Make new friends: Free from the social expectations of a school environment, kids can relax and make friends a little more easily. They’ll meet people with similar interests to share their TryEngineering Summer Institute experiences with, and perhaps become lifelong friends. In fact, many former students tell us that they’re still in touch with the friends they made last year through social media!
  • Acquire collaboration and presentation skills: Our curriculum includes plenty of opportunities for students to work together and present their projects to others. Learning to collaborate and present their ideas will help them in their future interactions at home and school, as well as in future work environments.
  • Learn about degree and career options: More than just hands-on engineering design challenges, TryEngineering Summer Institute students also learn about the degree and career options available in the engineering field. Engineering offers many job options and a strong career path with huge growth potential. Students that attend get a taste of a very bright future that is available to them.

Don’t let your child miss out on this amazing educational experience! It’s perfect for those with an interest in engineering, as well as anyone who is just beginning to explore this fascinating field.

Registration is now open. Learn more and register for the TryEngineering Summer Institute today!