TryEngineering Summer Institute

An exciting ten day, on-campus engineering camp for high school students held at three premier universities across the United States in 2019.


October is National Book Month!

Students in the classroom.

October is National Book Month, and we are celebrating everything reading, writing and literature. This is also a great time to support and honor your favorite authors and books, too! Support local writers and booksellers this month whenever possible.

Learn more about how the TryEngineering Summer program can help take you to the next level when it comes to your academic future. Take some time out of your busy summer for engineering camp to get your self ready for college. Below you can learn more about the history of Book Month!

If you are interested in engineering and you want to explore more about your potential future in the industry check out the TryEningeering Summer Institute. At this summer engineering program for high school students, you’ll explore various engineering fields, such as electricalcivilmechanical, and aerospace. Our engineering summer camp allows for you to meet and work alongside real life professional engineers, which can be a rewarding experience not found at other engineering camps.