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Want to be a Software Engineer?

Do you have a favorite video game? It was probably created by a software engineer. In fact, software engineers make all kinds of applications you use every day when you’re on a computer.

There are many different kinds of software professionals. Two of the most common are application software developers and systems software developers. These roles are very similar, but also quite different. 

Application software developers create software applications (think of Adobe Photoshop). Systems software developers, on the other hand, design software that supports a computer’s “inside” operations that you don’t see. Applications software developers design applications for both front and back ends, whereas systems software developers mainly develop applications for the back end.

Other types of software professionals include applications architects, mobile developers, database administrators, and quality assurance analysts.

Almost every industry hires software engineers, and many earn big incomes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they make an average yearly salary of $103,620 (for applications developers) and $110,000 (for systems developers)

To prepare yourself for a career in software design, consider taking courses in math, science, information systems, electronics, and civil engineering. You can also participate in coding bootcamps that will help you learn to code.

Who are some famous software engineers?

Well-known software engineers include former Google CEO Eric Emerson Schmidt, Charles Simonyi, who developed the first Microsoft Office suite of applications, and James Arthur Gosling, also known as “Dr. Java”, who developed the Java programming language.

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